WARNING: Food Addiction is Real

Food addiction is real.

And I’m sorry to break it to some of you elitists but it exists among the ‘skinniest,’ ‘healthiest’ people that you know.
Food addiction doesn’t pick out its participants and doesn’t avoid you just because you say you don’t eat carbs.
Food addiction strikes when you are bored.
It comes out when you are stressed.
It makes you feel completely insane when you have a drawer full of healthy food but eating a bag full of chocolate covered potato chips is the only thing that’s gonna make you feel better.
Food addiction is real y’all. And it’s super unhealthy.
Food can be an instant source of immediate gratification. it’s a chemical reaction – it is science. The way the sugar reacts with your brain, the way the texture tastes on your tongue, the way that anxiety is relieved because you’re giving into something you’ve deprived yourself of – the whole thing is sweet, sadistic and cruel. All at the same time.
I consider myself a healthy person. Well, I should say that I have reviewed my posts and viewpoints in the past and seen how OBSESSED I was with my health, fitness, bodyweight and body fat percentage. And I’m not an idiot when it comes to what is going to provide me with the results that I desire. I’m just an idiot in actually following through and doing them.
Alcohol leads to bloating and causes me to gain weight. That’s a new thing, a 28-year old thing. That didn’t used to happen in the past.
I also know that leading a gluten-free life doesn’t mean ‘healthy.’ Gluten-free products have MORE sugar and MORE preservatives that make them more unhealthy than their gluten-filled counterparts.
What has happened? Where did I go wrong?
Where I went wrong and where I continue to go wrong is finding happiness in an inanimate object such as food.
It’s also a matter of pleasing other people. When someone wants to share food with you – it feels rude to say no! You want them to enjoy themselves and also not feel bad about what they’re eating. BUT THAT’S NOT YOUR PROBLEM!
I have, and unfortunately continue to have, moments where I eat too much of something I ‘shouldn’t’ eat and rid it from my body as fast as I binged on it. I spent every morning pinching the skin under my chin to show myself my fat face and obsess over old pictures of when I was skinnier. Though, would you believe, back then I thought I was a chunky monkey too?!
I wake up every morning with the intention of a ‘day of perfect eating.’ Where I eat by necessity and not desire. Where I pretend I don’t know that chocolate-peanut-butter bad things are in the closet. Where I tell myself that going to CrossFit or running by the beach is going to make me feel better.
IDK what’s going on but lately none of those things have been working.
I look back at posts from the past and I don’t understand where my motivation came from. Was it all of the podcasts I used to listen to? The books I used to read? Was it because it was new and I was motivated by the challenge? I’m not sure. But I need to find it again.
How do you get past the addiction of stuff that feels and tastes just so damn good in your mouth?! (Food. Keep your minds out of the gutter!)

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