Invite Love Into Your Life Right Now

6 Ways To Invite Love Into Your Life Right Now

The topic of conversation surrounding me lately has been – how can we all invite more love into our lives right now?

Whether you’re going through a break-up, trying to find your soulmate or simply want to make a new friend – we could all benefit from bringing more love into our lives.

With love in our lives, we feel attached to this world and to each other. We feel protected and cherished. We approach situations with kindness and compassion. The act of loving and being loved is one of the most beautiful things we get to experience as human beings.

But like all of life’s experiences, love will ebb and flow. Heartache and heartbreak are very real and tragic conditions we all have to face sometimes multiple times in life’s journey. If you find yourself on the shores of life and love’s waves aren’t quite reaching you – I encourage you to take a look at the following 6 ways you could improve your own situation.

6 Ways To Invite Love Into Your Life Right Now


The first way you can start to invite more love into your life, immediately – is to really look at your relationship with yourself.

You can’t give anything to a loving relationship if you, yourself are not whole. Two people should enhance each other’s lives not determine them. You need to find things that you can do to love yourself in whatever way that feels best to you.

For example, taking care of your body by feeding it nourishing food. You will get better sleep, you will physically feel and look better and you won’t have episodes of ‘hanger’ that will effect how you treat your partner. If you’re eating toxic foods or drinking too much, those harmful substances will influence you on a physiological level. You simply won’t be ‘you’ with all that stuff in your system. Reach out to me if you want more info on how you can transform your life with food.

Another way to love yourself involves movement. Whether it’s yoga, CrossFit, dance, running, kettlebell sport, swimming, etc. – find a moving meditation that makes you feel connected to yourself. Any activity that makes you feel strong and in love with your body is the kind of movement you should be doing.

Also – really take the time to honor, cherish and respect yourself and your body. Be aware of the thoughts you have and the language you use towards yourself. In this post last week, I really opened up about some of the negative behaviors I have had to learn to heal from. My priority right now is to make sure that I always speak to myself with kind, loving, compassionate language. I no longer want to berate myself in front of the mirror and tell myself that I am ‘unworthy’. It’s powerful stuff, and I recommend you start paying attention to your thoughts too.


It is going to be really difficult for you to bring more love into your life if you are surrounded by people who effect you in a negative way. If there are people in your life who are ‘emotional vampires’ – sucking the livelihood and spirit from you, making you feel bad about yourself, constantly complaining, etc. – how are you supposed to feel full of love?!

I’ve been in these situations many, many times before and I know what a downer it can be. I’ve experienced this with friends, roommates and romantic partners. I’ve had conversations with people only to walk away wondering why I am now upset and depressed. I’ve absorbed their negative energy, self-doubt and self-hatred and made it my own. What I finally had to realize is that I am 100% in control of how I respond to those people. I’m 100% in control of who I let into my life. If these people I choose to let into my tribe don’t make me feel totally awesome all the time, there’s simply no room in my life for them.

Now, sometimes these vampires are family. And I get it – you can’t just go around cutting people out of your family. (I know lots of people who choose this route and I don’t believe it to be any less painful). In that case, my advice is to realize that you still are in control of the amount of time and energy you give to these people. Go into every interaction with this difficult family member with a loving mindset. Recognize that they are in a different place than you are – they may be going through something difficult and maybe they are struggling with their own feelings of self-worth. All you can do is send them love and minimize the impact they have on how you feel about yourself.


Oooo! This one makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Before you roll your eyes and vow never to read anything I post ever again – hear me out.

If you want to invite more love into your life, you need to get really clear on what you want – and what you do not want. You have the power to determine what your non-negotiables are and what aspects of a relationship would be a dream come true. When we take the time to sit down and write out what our perfect partner (or friend, or roommate) looks like, sounds like, acts like – we create awareness. Whether or not you believe in manifestation bringing things forward, that’s not really the point of this exercise. The more important thing to realize is that by writing down and visualizing all of these details, you will better recognize if a relationship will serve you when someone new comes into your life.

Even if you aren’t completely clear on what it is specifically you do want – stick with it. Practicing this exercise is like painting a picture. You have to experiment with colors and shapes and walk away from it and come back to it before the real picture starts to come together. Even if the easiest things to identify are the ‘do not wants’ that’s great – because when you start seeing red flags in a relationship that appear on that list you can walk away from it. You know that ultimately a relationship with that person is not going to serve you.


*Hums “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles*

Arguably, the BEST way to bring more love into your life is to love others! Duh! So simple, right?

I’ve really been embracing this lately. When someone is on my mind, I tell them. Before, I used to just let the thoughts of random people swim inside my head and happy memories would make me smile. But what does this do for the other person? Nothing! So now, I take every opportunity to call or text someone as soon as I think of them. I recommend you try it. It could be something as simple as ‘Hi, I love you. Thank you for being you’ or if you’re like me, it could be an entire text novel of love and gratitude for that person. Every time I have done this, not only do I feel good, they always respond with warmth and gooey gratitude.

We are all so busy rushing around in our day-to-day lives that we don’t make enough of an effort to tell the people in our lives that we love them. That makes me really sad. Let’s all commit to loving each other and expressing it as often as possible.


Puuuuuupppppiiiiieees! Kiiiiitennnns!

Not much to say here – if you have the space and capacity in your life to care for an animal, it is a guaranteed way to bring more love into your life. Animals are healing and provide nothing but unconditional love and affection. I think everyone should experience that. They are going to be there for you at the end of every day. No matter what life brings you as far as changes in your circumstances and relationships, your furry friend will greet you with kisses and snuggles. They will still be there when it all ends. I highly recommend getting a pet if you don’t already have one.

And if you do have one – stop everything you’re doing to go and give them a big hug and kiss. Thank them for being in your life because they are extremely special. Cherish them and spoil them rotten. They are your biggest fans.


Once you’ve learned to love yourself, you feel whole, you’ve analyzed your relationships, you’ve identified what it is you want (and don’t want) – it’s time to go out and connect.

Find those people who inspire you and motivate you. Become friends with people who motivate you and who want you to be healthy and happy. Choose people to be in your life who come from a place of selflessness so they can give all they have to your friendship or relationship.

For me, I have found my tribe in the athletes at my gym. My tribe consists of all of you who read my words and subscribe to my weekly newsletter. I’m fortunate enough that my tribe includes my co-workers who are like family to me. It took me awhile to find all of these people but I can honestly say that I am blessed to be surrounded by the best. Everyone deserves to have these kinds of people in their lives.

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