truBrain – Changing My Life One #ThinkDrink at a Time

I’ve realized something recently that I have never took the time to write about. The greatest decision I have made within the last year was quitting my dream job. I’m sure that’s a strange statement to read. Trust me, it was a strange realization to make. When you find a career that’s exciting and fulfilling, why would you ever want to walk away? Why would you want to jump back into the unknown? The answer is – because sometimes when you jump, you fall into something better than you ever could have imagined. This time last year, many of you … Continue reading truBrain – Changing My Life One #ThinkDrink at a Time

#Cellucor – My Newest Gym Buddy

I seriously can’t recall the last time that I was this sore. and I owe it all to the amazing products you see here You have no idea the frustration of having all of that^^ sitting at home, just taunting me to take it all to the gym. Everything came in the mail just as I was starting my epic traveling adventures. I wanted to wake up in the morning, hang out with the Icy Blue Razz pre-workout, head to the gym, come home and have a Peanut Butter Mashmallow protein shake. Ugh. So frustrating. So what I did do in … Continue reading #Cellucor – My Newest Gym Buddy